Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anime: Seto no Hanayome

Back from my anime marathon weekend, my head is ready to burst with all this cuteness and battles. It's all my officemate's fault, he's got all this neat series that he lent me.

First up the list is the anime 'Seto no Hanayome'. Its about a middle school boy named Nagasumi who, while on a vacation in his grandmother's mountain resort, fell into the sea and was rescued by a mermaid. At his granma's house, he and his family was taken to the mermaid's lair only to find out that they are yakuza mermaids (and mermen). And because of a mermaid law saying that any mermaid that reveals their identity to a human shall be executed, the leader suggested to kill the boy instead of his daughter, San, who saved him. San then suggested it would be considered ok if they were a married couple. Eventhough the father reluctanly agreed, he still goes around wrecking havoc in Nagasumi's life by sending assassins after him and being his homeroom teacher. Although their marriage was under false pretenses, they eventually developed feelings for each other with an amazing series ender.

The series is a fast paced love-comedy reminiscent of 'Sugoi yo Masaharu: Sexy Commando'. There are also a lot of referenced to western pop culture that made the series even more funny. My favorite is ep.10 where one of the mermaid's father appears with a huge reference to all terminator movies. San's yakuza lingo was so cutely potrayed, think a cute Yankumi who is also a mermaid.

I recommend this series to all love-comedy lovers out there. This is definitely a good anime to watch.

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