Monday, June 22, 2009

Tales from the Old Photo Bin: Jan and the HedgeZeros

I found this old pic from 2008. It was one of earlier gigs with Rubber Duckie Music at Al's Bar in Paranaque.

Our vocalist, AJ, was sick that week and Jan, one of the senior partners of Rubber Duckie, volunteered to temporarily accept the vocal responsibilities.

After a single practice session the day before, Jan nervously took the mic and began to perform.

Because he didn't had enough time to familiarize himself with our original songs, we stuck to playing our 'Live' covers.

He did his vox duties well as we later found out he was trained in Ryan Cayabyab's music school (surprise, surprise... I wonder why he didn't pursue singing).

For the final 2 songs of the set, AJ got enough strength to close the act.

Thanks Jan, we owe you one.

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