Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Ultimate Abduction, Puerto Galera

Rubber Duckie Music recently concluded its Ultimate Abduction Tour last April 2 with a beach concert at White Beach, Puerto Galera. Along with up and coming and established indie acts, the event was top billed by the breakthrough band Urban Dub. There were also prizes given away like shirts, visors, CD's and I-Pod Shuffles courtesy of the sponsors Philips,, Oddessey Music and E-wave.

The Blue Jean Junkies came up first playing some of their older originals along with songs from their upcoming album. Their blues rock vibe charged the audience as the event comes to a rockin' start.

Next came the Alternative-reggae band Placid. Their grooves was complemented by the sunset beach atmosphere everyone there enjoys.

Established indie act Mayonnaise played next exciting the crowd even more. Their set included their recent single, and my fave Mayo track, 'Sinungaling'.

Next up was my band, HedgeZero. By then, it was night time already and the people are ready for some hard rock.We played some of our EP singles and our newest song 'Far Beyond'.

The crowd was very responsive beside the fact that we are a fairly unknown indie band.

Grunge rockers from the south (I meant Southern Metro Manila) Ursa Minor also rocked the event with their set.

Supercharging the crowd even more is the alternative rock act Angulo. Their songs has the vibance of Emo and the technicality of Alternative rock which enticed the audience.

Revving the crowd up, as usual, are our brothers from Free Fish. Their brand of Alterna-funk and stage antics never fails to liven everyone up. Watching them is always a treat. They also performed their NU107 'Stand out Track' "Lampa".

Next was the punk rockers The Ambassadors, rallying up the Bisayas in the crowd, playing songs of hope, unity and helping out each other to save the world.

Our brothers from I-ray (one of them is literally my brother) rocked the venue with their reggae rock inspired set.

They dished out their NU107 'Stand out Track' "8 Rayed Sun", their UR105.9 No.1 hit "Across the Rubicon" and my personal fave "Safe", to name a few from their set.

Then came the band everyone was waiting for. As Urban Dub was introduced, people packed the front and the side of the stage with great anticipation.

To my delight, they played my fave Urban Dub song 'Alert the Armory' first. The police stationed at the front of the stage prevented the people around me to slam dance, to our dismay.

Their set was composed mostly by tracks from their album 'Under the Southern Lights' which include 'The Fight is Over' and their set closer 'Guillotine'.

True to its goal, Rubber Duckie brought out the indie bands to the masses to show them what they got.

me with the members of UrbanDub (from top clockwise Gabby, Jan Jan, John and Lalay)

The night ended with an after concert drinking binge along with the members of Free Fish, Iray, Mayonnaise, Ursa Minor, The Ambassadors and Urban Dub. A bit of fun in the sand, horsing around while totally buzzed out of our minds.

With I-Ray and FreeFish at  the Back, The Liwanagan brothers and Ryan

represent represent: Mike of  HedgeZero, Kish of  Free Fish and Jamil of I-ray

Along with Jan, Balcs and Dean are Ced and Yam of Ursa Minor

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Ryan said...

I was there!!! I was there...baragan to the max!!!

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