Monday, June 29, 2009

My HongKong style mix

HongKong style noodles (and its other incarnates) has been around for quite some time now. Other franchises and fly-by-night dealers spring out of every crevise in the city. From established name brands to local street peddlers cashing in on the fad. But stir fried noodles , whether be it from the wok or a heated steel plate, are nothing new to our palette.

I tried a lot from various outlets, but nothing beats my favorite place, HongKong Style Noodles at the top level of Robinson's Pioneer in Mandaluyong City. Not 'da original', not 'da first', not even the 'Hoy! we sell HK style noodles here' on the name. Just plain and simple 'HongKong Style Noodles'.

Unlike most places where they just heat up the noodles then pack them up with siomai staight from the pan, this cart fries the noodles. Giving it its crunchy-chewy texture I love in stir fried noodles. Not relying on the 'toge' or spring beans to give that crunch.

There I also found my perfect mix in the sauce. Its a common misconception that you should drown your noodles in the various sauces available to enjoy it. You have to practice moderation. The sauces are there to enhance the flavor of the noodles, not serve as the main dish. My mix involves one scoop of teriyaki sauce, one scoop of oyster sauce, one scoop of toyomansi (a combination of lime and soy sauce), and a pinch of oil from the chili garlic bin just to add that little spice. Although that mix is for the single order sized serving, you don't have to double it for the jumbo size. Just make the toyomansi a scoop and a half.

Next time you decide to go for some HK style noodles, try this mix. You'll love it.

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Kim said...

hmmm matry nga paborito din ni pau yan eh :)

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