Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HedgeZero's "Far Beyond" Video in 6UG

I got an email yesterday that our latest song 'Far Beyond' has a video on 6 Underground's YouTube site. 

In leiu with their goal to help promote and support various indie and underground bands, 6 Underground produces video recordings of the artists that performs at their bar at Pearl Drive in Pasig City. I think this video was shot during the 2nd anniversary gig of I-Ray last June 12.

This is the first clear recording made of that song, which is a hit among our fans (by 'fans' I meant our close friends and relatives who attends our gigs :-)).

The song was first performed at 6UG during our EP launch and was finished just in time for that event.

'Far Beyond' is primarily a tribute to all the people who passed away that year who were close to us. Especially to a former officemate of mine who, despite the hardships imposed by his illness, never fails to lighten up, care, and offer friendship to those around him.

As one song by Pennywise goes,"...Jayson, my brother, this one's for you..."

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