Sunday, June 20, 2010

DVD: Batman and Robin

I read the bad raps about the 'Batman and Robin' movie but that didn't stop me from making it my latest DVD purchase. I remember it being a good watch back in the day and I wanted my son to get the same experience I have had.

Well the film goes like this; Batman is now an accepted figure in the police force and the public, new villains arrive at the scene, Batman and Robin saves the day, enter additional vilain, springs other villain, they fight it out and Batman saves the day again. In the background, there are underlying issues about the trust in Batman and Robin's partnership, Alfred's illness, and the addition of Alfred's niece who ends up being Bat Girl.

While watching the movie, I noticed...I didn't enjoy the film as I used to before. The script was like a string of corny on-liners and/or wise cracks/ comebacks...specially for Poison Ivy and Mr.Freeze. And the way it was made me sick and then some. Talk about overacting. It did occur to me that the film has that circus-like feel to it. With all those neon colored stuff and excessive use of black light and baby color tones.

My son liked it might wonder what he would think about it when he grows up.

I also hated the special features because it was in text format. If I wanted to read about something, I'll get a book. Imagine 'reading' the behind the scenes and various other featurettes instead of watching them.

I'm not sure if this is for the Philippine edition DVD only. But I must say that this one sucks.

I recommend not wasting your time and money on the DVD. If you really just want to watch the movie, just go out and rent one.

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