Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lament of an Ordinary Techie

Woe is our country...

We were part of so many technological revolutions during the 60's and 70's but they ended up being bought by foreign companies. Now these contributions, discoveries and innovations by scientific Filipino minds end up as back alley urban legends and heresays.

So far back in technology are we that vital systems that should have been focused on by the goverment are now reliant on the goods provided by multinational or foreign companies at huge expense.

We can't blame those inventors. For as the common 'masa' knows, there is no concrete goverment science program for technological development. Those mostly funded are aimed at the agricultural sector's use...and improving those kitschy items in life that is culturally identified as Filipino. These are well ang good, but it only focuses on the short-term, immediate need of the people as a whole.

There were a lot of programs for self-reliance funded before by the goverment. Programs for the scientific and technological development of our country...but these programs died out because it was overwhelmed by the political bickering machine. I saw an inventor being interviewed on TV once and was asked why not bring his invention to the proper goverment agancies for further development and funding? He said that it was not the priority of the agency that time because they were too busy looking for the optimum design for pots and pans.

How sad.

So much focus was given to their own personal agenda and ways to hold on to power, that the reason that power was given to them in the first place was lost.

Now we are a race of people without respect from our 'allies'. We can be likened to an orphan child in the streets begging for technical and financial handouts. 

But I do give mad props to the 'end-users' who make do with the limited assistance that trickled down on them from our country's Armed Forces. Instead of crying and whining, they augmented and converted a lot of surplus equipment that was left to them. I heard of stories of how outdated equipment and vehicles were outfitted to suit the present needs of their mission. Going through surpluses and scraps from their stockyards and upgrade these outdated machines to so they can accomplish the task given to them.

I wonder when will the powers that be wake up to the reality that there is more to goverment than getting a quick buck (or a billion bucks) and high nosing with the public.

I can only dream...

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