Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Problem With Enforcement

After being a victim of 'huli-dap' for 2 times now, it makes me wonder about the 'public over the police and the military' clause of the 1987 Constitution.

To make it plain and simple...they have the guns...which are more powerful than words...or swords for that matter. Guns that, this is the ticker here, has been paid for by my taxes and authorized by the branch of the government which swore to protect me. I see everyday the real 'cops on the street' with their authority backed by the national government and their gun, which in turn gives them full power over the people. No where to turn to because they all start to look the same, even innocent, good-looking, well-kept cops can surprise you. If you mistakenly report to a cop who, by any chance, is on the are good as dead.

And don't around preaching with those pro-gun or anti-gun sentiments. Its a matter of choosing between the fork in the one leads to good, there is also a lot which sways to evil. Its human nature which we can't do anything about.

There is no real enforcement of the clause in the Constitution. Because when the authorities start to move, you are already dead....salvaged...rubbed out...what ever you want to call it. Public opinion only sways the police to act on reports of abuse only when the act is already done, and the damage is done. There is no real measures to prevent it. And don't go whining around that its hard...or its impossible...or its too troublesome. Hey, so is earning a days keep which 40 t0 45% goes to them.

For Filipinos, its all about power...and power is not such a good thing...they are not used to it. When they grab a hold of it, they never want to let go. Like the phrase I heard once "Power is like the microphone in a karaoke, once you grab will never let go".

And trust is a commodity that should be sparsely used.

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