Monday, December 20, 2010

Fun with Canon Photo Tools

I heard about Canon's Photo Stitch program from fellow photography enthusiast and blogger Ryan. As he said that it made developing panoramic scenes easy, I decided to give it a shot (seeing that my kit, like all Canon cameras, are included with such programs)

I must say, it was easy as dragging the photos, arranging them in order and press 'merge', and let Photo Stitch work its magic.

I was so happy with the resulting panoramic photo that I tried it with my other old photos which I took with my Kodak C813. What took me hours of tedious manual alterations in Photoshop to merge into a panoramic photo, took Photo Stitch a mere seconds (depending on your computer's memory and graphics adapter).

Seeing that there are other tools in the kit, I also tried them out.

In my past photos, I used the image alteration tools of Irfanview. A bit archaic or primitive, but it gets the job done. After using Canon's Digital Photo Professional and Picture Style Editor...I was amazed on how it handled hues, saturations and contrasts. It was the same approach with Irfanview, but Canon's DPP and PSE offers more clarity and less interferance in sharpness conversions.

(previous photos taken from the PAF Aerospace Museum)

I must say, with all the cameras and tools I have acquired in the past...I am happier now with the combined results provided by Canon.

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