Monday, March 16, 2009

Anime: Toki Wo Kakeru no Shojo (Girl that Leaps Through Time)

What will you do if you suddenly have the ability to leap through certain points in your past? Will you correct certain decisions you made, reverse turning points in your life?

After a mishap in a school labortory, highschool student Makoto suddenly leaps through a certain time in her past then ejected back to her previous state, inadvertly saving her life. Shaken up, she then visits her aunt which explains she might have experienced a time leap. After a lot of thinking, she realizes that strong emotions (incorporated with jumping or leaping through something) triggers these time leaps. She uses this power for fun and change certain turning points in her life. But as she uses this gift to alter destiny, it ends up hurting someone else. Then things turns serious as her 2 friends also ends up suffering due to her insensitive judgement and time leaps. She then realizes that she had to grow up from her boyish, childish ways and set things straight for her life, in order to live with no regrets and remorse.

The beginning of this anime movie is one fast paced comedy scene after the other, which makes for one entertaining watch. Various situations and mishaps that entertains while giving the background of the characters. 

The animation is also very good. The motion of the characters are like a certain episode of 'Samurai 7', Well defined backdrops and good definition of facial expressions that instill a sense of realism. The style of illustration doesn't deviate even when the theme shifts from comedy to dramatic.

I can say that this anime movie is a good watch, both in its subplots and the general story as a whole.

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