Monday, March 16, 2009

R.I.P: Cafe Bec

Its difficult to find a bar or a lounge that could fill my needs. Long after my fave coffee shop 'Perk 22' burned down (the former 'Coffee California' *i think* near Cherry Foodarama in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong), it was difficult to find the same cozy atmosphere in my college life. There was Dencio's in Katipunan then , but I still longed for my 'Perky Werky' (as me and my brother fondly call that place)

That was until me and my friends found Cafe Bec, a small cafe beside MC Home Depot in Fort Bonifacio's Global City. In there we have a nice cold beer after a day's work along with my favorite 'Pizza Marina' and 'Pizza Alberto'. Sometimes one of the waiting staff, Kuya Frank, would join us in our drunken jibber jabbers on the slow days. And when motorcycle groups would meet there, we would look and admire the big bikes and vintage scooters parked alongside it.

But alas, news got to me that the place is empty and closed. 

I was shocked...I cried...and after I calmed down, I punched a puppy, screaming in blood curdling agony. Then it was emo time...reminiscing the time spent on that quaint, little place.

Me and my buddies are again on the road to find another place to hang out.

The puppy is looking at me with fear in its eyes.

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