Monday, March 2, 2009

I saw the future...

Yesterday, as I woke up late due to my anime weekend marathon, I saw my son playing the C&C Generals game. He'll be turning 9 this year and he is really absorbed in that strategy game.

As we were preparing for lunch, he can't help but discuss the tactics and maneuvers he executed in order to defeat the enemy. 

For example, he deduced that in order to weaken the wave of offensive forces against him, set a 'search and destroy' tactic for the enemy supply line. I discussed this in my former blog after I first finished the game. I told him that I already used that tactic and it works well...specially for enemies with established bases. I feel like Bunta Fujiwara from that episode in Initial D season 1 where he tells Takumi that he already knows about the faster way to drive around the mountain pass.

As I played the game again, I can see that he attentively looks at how I play the game. i began to discuss with him some basic combat maneuvers such as 'pincer attack', 'lure and bait', and maximizing the terrain for defensive purposes.

I was amazed by his enthusiasm to learn these tactics and maneuvers.

Maybe I should get him Sun Tzu's "Art of War" for his birthday...or maybe this book I read at 'Fully Booked' about various military strategies through history.

It would help him someday...

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