Sunday, April 19, 2009

Three days of rock (pt1- Saguijo)

It was a hectic three days as our Rubber Duckie family starts with the 'Ultimate Abduction' bar tour.

Let me start with our gig in Saguijo last thursday. We auditioned for a slot there with Revolver productions. The night was filled with music as we performed along with Kjwan and Gaijin. 

For those who don't know, Saguijo is a bar in Guijo street in Makati which is also a famous venue for band productions and events. It is built on 2 units of row houses and has a museum on the second floor, although I still haven't had a chance to visit...they seem to close early in the evening. They also serve as a restaurant serving Filipino-fusion cusine at reasonable prices.

I found out, Gaijin is the latest side project of the reknowned guitarist Raymund Marasigan. He is joined by a Japanese drummer (Shinji) and an American guitarist and vocalist (Jessie). Raymund is known for being the guitarist for the now defunt Eraserheads (the band that started a music revolution in the 90's) and as an ingenius and innovative songwriter/ frontman in his project band Sandwich. As I loved his songs from Sandwich, I looked forward to the set of his latest project.

Gaijin's set was an ok set, their songs seems to be based on a mix of 60's liveliness and vibe, a dash of 80's experimentalism with a twist of modern alternative rock. I liked their song 'Swedish Radio' (if I heard the title correctly), the rest was ok but not much to my liking.

As other bands performed, we tanked up on a new brew by Gilbeys. The drink, which was a sweet mix of Green Tea and gin, is reminiscent of vodka and lime but with a refreshing after taste. With the promo price of P199 for a bucket of 4, it was more affordable than other bottled cocktails served in bars.

Later, me and my bandmates hanged around the outside of the bar, buzzed and getting crazy. And because we played the opening set, we went home early and didn't get the chance to see Kjwan again.

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