Sunday, April 19, 2009

Three days of rock (pt2-Will's Attic)

Rubber Duckie kicks off its Ultimate Abduction tour in Will's Attic located at Mother Ignacia, Quezon City.

Will's Attic is not that popular of a night spot, but it has a really cool modernist ambiance. The first level houses the band area, dining hall and bar, while the second level also has a bar and a 'chill-out' lounge.

Aside from the Rubber Duckie family, I was also impressed with the guest band that played the event.

First off, my brother and I was impressed with the all girl band Nyctinasty. They were able to combine your basic emo-band package, playful harmony and chord progressions, with their own twist. Its like watching a Paramore-Coheed hybrid.


Me, my brother and my wife along with Nyctinasty drummer Nikki Cuna

Along with I-ray, there were also Ursa Minor and Placid, our good friends from the south. Too bad Mayonnaise didn't get to perform. I heard some members didn't make it to the event.

I-ray in tha house y'all

neo-grunge band Ursa Minor

HedgeZero...nuff said...


...from the makers of Dragon Katol comes....Free Fish.

The gig was closed with the zany people from Free Fish, they really brought the house down with their wit, humor and music. It was so funny that they opened their set with various songs from that 80's kids show "Batibot". They also covered a range of R&B, rap and techno songs as filler in between their originals. I wonder where Kish gets all that energy. Some people shouted for him to stay away from 'katol' (a spiral inscense like thing which repels mosquitos)...maybe I should try that. :-)


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