Sunday, April 19, 2009

Three days of rock (pt3-Al's Bar)

Oooooh God, a third day straight gig...and 2 days without sleep (as totally 'Nightmare on Elm Street' kind of no sleep...not a nap...nada), I can't keep myself coherant...sooo tired...I didn't even get to binge on alcohol as I planned after 2 days straight of working (without going home).

But at the gig at Al's bar, I was happy. My college buddy came, along with his brother who used to be my bandmate.

Again, the whole Rubber Duckie family was there in full force, along with friends and other music enthusiasts.

The gig was opened by Free Fish (last time's closing act). I was looking forward to what antics Kish and his crew were going to come up with next, and the crowd was not disappointed. Although their energy was a notch lower than last time, they never failed to entertain. (I love you Gredie, ehehehehe pare anakan mo ako!!!!).

Iray was up next with their fierce set. I could feel the floor slab tremble as Daniel lands from his jumps. Hey, thats energy for ya.

We were pumped after watching the set by 'The Ambassadors' and played all out. And now my right knee hurts...but it was worth it. After our set, fatigue and sleepiness began to kick in (didn't I mention that I was working for 2 days straight without a wink of was thurdays work, saguijo gig until morning, sleep for 2 hours, friday 8am work...until gig in Will's attic...4am go directly to until 7pm, go to Boni to pick up my wife, go to gig in Al's bar, dead tired, sleepy...i'll just take a nap...wake me up on Tuesday)

After that, I have no recollection of what happened next.

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