Monday, May 18, 2009

Hedgezeros makeover day

It was a day of makeovers last saturday as Hedgezero wrapped up its first video courtesy of the guys behind At the helm of the makeover team is fellow e-blogger, Kim, who is the brains behind ''.

At first we thought, she gonna doll us up like how those gay makeup artists apply this stuff to girls. Like a true professional, she discussed that she will not go for any look but will try to make our face neutral in front of the burning lights of the camera.

Kim also said that the male face requires a different approach when it comes to makeup, to our relief. To attain the neutral look, she has to darken our skin tones a bit tad in order to make us look not too pale in the video. She also applied a 'corrector' so our facial imperfections, like pimples, bumps and scars, will not appear (ouch!!!...).

I have to give mad props to Kim's stamina as she did the make up of the whole band, the model and do her make up assignment, in 4 and a half hours straight... without any rest.

As the raw video goes into post-production, we look forward to the final cut. Hope you guys watch out for it.


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