Monday, May 11, 2009

Hummus makes good eating....

Walking around with my wife at Robinson's Pioneer last Saturday,  we came across the soft opening of this place called Chili Willy's which serve Mediterrenean cusine. Aside from the dimly lit ambient dining hall and bar inside, there is a take out counter outside which serves the exterior dining area. We just came by to sample the Shawarma they had on the menu, but as I read the menu further, I saw a familiar food I was afraid to try...Hummus...

I always heard this stereotype that if you eat Hummus, it will clean you system right off like a large White Castle burger and Taco Bell combo would. As my wife begged to try it, I bought an order and took it home for good measure. At least I would be safe if any intestinal accident should occur.

As I took a bite of the pita bread dipped in Hummus, I was surprised on how creamy the garbanzo puree was, and the tangy taste provided by the olive oil and lemon. I never felt such a delightful combination since that time I ate spicy spagetti with oilve oil blanched garlic. Having finished the pita bread, I also dipped the shawarma in the hummus. Still not satisfied, I dipped my cousin's left over meatloaf in it. Damn, it still tastes good.

I started to remember scenes from Adam Sandler's "Zohan", where they dip almost everything in hummus. 

Now I'm not sure if there is a variety of hummus out there. I asked if the service crew if hummus was a Jewish food, like if it is indigenous to the areas around and within Israel. They replied that it is a Turkish delicacy, which made me more confused.

Well, doesn't matter. Next time I walk by that same area again, I'll be in line to get me some hummus.

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