Saturday, May 23, 2009

J-Drama: Teppan Shoujo Akane


I finally saw long last.

The first starring role of Maki Horikita (so I heard). I was also surprised to see some members from 'Kekkon Dekinai Otoko', 'Attention Please', 'Densha Otoko', 'Gokusen' and 'Operation Daisakusen' in one drama.

The story centers around the 17-yr.old steel plate fry cook Kaguya Akane, whose mother died at least two years before the events in the series and his father runs away as he lost his strength and will to cook. As her store falls into a tight spot due to some debt incurred by her father, she goes around the country searching for him. Through different packages sent by her father, Akane searches for the address where they were sent from...which ends up in various cook battles to test that tests her skills, creativity and will.

The plot goes through a lot of twists and surprises which I come to expect from Japanese dramas..that's why I enjoy them so much. Every episode shows an underlying message of giving importance to family and tradition, to fight for your beliefs and to develop ones self to find their identity.

My wife and I muse at the fact that 'Kekkon Dekinais' "Eiji-kun" (I forgot the actor's name) and Maki Horikita looks good together as a pair. The only thing my wife didn't like in the drama is the scenes where Akane call upon the power of her father's steel plate 'Ittetsu'. Well, I find that scene amusing and straight from an anime.

Over all, I find the series a very good one to watch not only because of the chemistry of the "Eji-kun"-Maki Horikita pairing, but also because of all the twists and turns the story goeas along. Be sure to pack some food while watching as you tend to get hungry as you see various tender and juicy morsels being cooked.

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