Thursday, May 28, 2009

HedgeZero's 'Distant Voices' Video: Behind the Scenes

It was a hot and sunny afternoon, that particular Saturday, last May 16. Although the heat was enough to suck out one's strength, everyone in the HedgeZero's crew was full of energy. Excitement is in the air as everyone anticipates the video shoot of their single 'Distant Voices'.

Although coming straight from an earlier shoot that morning, the guys from still have it in them to dish it out for the shoot. They were easy to get along with. And Direk Roman had a lot of good ideas to visualize the theme of the song.

The crew from

Dolling us up at the backstage of Paco Catholic's auditorium is Kim of

We also like to aknowledge Pinky and Belen for helping with the model's styling needs. And Van for making AJ silky smooth.

Keeping AJ 'silky smooth' is hard work

Practicing to keep up with the speed-up music track

HedgeZero Angels Van, Pinky and Belen, with model Francis Mae and AJ...that's me in the background

Taking the dramatic opening scene

The hallway scene...its a bit creepy

It was at least 2 weeks, here it is.


jeng said...

galing guys!

salamat nagustuhan nypo un vids. :)

gaijinph said...

salamat na marami m'am jeng...pati po ke sir roman... galing nya

and to the whole flippish crew...

Dennis and Mylene said...

congrats sa video nga pala!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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