Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kicking It Old-School with "Antigo"

Aptly playing songs of unity and national pride, with the 'red, white, blue and yellow' banner of Freedom Bar on the background, are the young lads of Antigo. Their repertoire includes a range of 70's rock, 80's Pinoy rock and 90's Pinoy alternative covers. Along with their old school Pinoy rock inspired originals, they earned a slot in NU107's U-Rock with their song 'Tigang' and 'Liwanag' rotating in the airwaves. With such songs and influences under their belt, its no wonder they chose the name Antigo, the tagalog word for items which are old and classical in nature.

I got to see them in their Freedom bar gig last June 13 supporting the album bar tour of Bok76. In that event, one has to marvel on their technical prowess despite the band's young age. Job's glam-heavy rock vocal range is supported by Mark and Bogs' Paul Gilbert-esque guitar licks, further solidified by Drix's bass lines, all under the powerful tempo of Patrick's drums. Although I liked their originals, what grabbed my attention was their intense rendition of Sampaguita's "Nosi Balasi", Job's audition piece for the band.

It all began when Drix looked for musicians with the same musical preferences in Philmusic. In what followed as a number of auditions and referrals, they narrowed down the members to their current line-up and formally set-off on June 3, 2008.

When asked what their aim as musicians were, they said they wanted to move people with their music. To unite and instill nationalism in their listeners. In my opinion, there's no better way to convey that message than playing some good old fashioned pinoy rock with a contemporary vigor to it. 

Check em out at their multiply site for gigs and other news about Antigo.

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