Thursday, August 6, 2009

Death of an Icon: Corazon Aquino

One sunny monday afternoon, the main thouroughfare of Makati's Central Business District was closed off. Traffic rerouted, and vehicles were jammed to a standstill. All for the the funeral march of a simple housewife. A woman who, despite having no previous experience in politics, rose to become the president that led and united the people of the Philippines to stand against a dictatorial government and take back the freedom which rightfully belongs to the people.

Amidst the rain of yellow confetti, pouring from the building rooftops, passed the remains of the woman that led the country into a non-violent revolt that ended the 20-year reign of then President Ferdinand Marcos. A revolt that became an inspiration to many citizens around the world.

She also managed the transition of a government seemingly plunged in chaos. Bringing order to the anarchy of the bureaucracy, righting the wrong within the system to serve the needs of the citizens it was instituted to protect.

The passing of such a revolutionary leader makes us reflect at the current state of our so called democratic government. Covered in fake, empty promises, filled to the brim with lies and deception, bent on excuses rather than responsibility, wrapped up into a filthy concoction with a modern, dynamic packaging courtesy of their handlers and PR managers.

A void is now present within society not because of the passing of the person, but the passing of a true public servant. A type of person the Philippines seriously needed within the high ranks of the government.

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