Monday, June 22, 2009

Party till morning in a happy place called Gerardo's

June 12. Independence day and at the same time, the second anniversary of our brother band I-Ray. After a night long revelry of music and booze, I-Ray's frontman, Danniel, was still in the mood to party. The problem was, it was already 2 in the morning. A lot of bars were already closed by that time. Free Fish drummer, Tops, presented the solution. He told of a place open 24 hours a day, serving buckets of beers and tasty snacks, at a price which is easy for the common man.

So off we went, to Panay Avenue in Quezon City, in a place called Gerardo's. Along with my wife, and Tops, we were surprised that the place was still packed eventhough it was around 3 am.

The place was reminiscent of Dencio's in Katipunan during its early years. An ecclectic mix of modern-native interiors, with its nipa ceiling fastened by exposed wooden rafters, bamboo veneered posts and mood lights mounted in paper lanterns. There is also a artificial waterfalls and pond which looked like a rock garden because it was turned off at that time. The selection of native trees and choice foilage give the place a rural feel in an urban setting. 

Tops recommended the 12-beer bucket combo. With the price of P360, it comes with variety of 'pulutan'. We chose the nachos with grated cheese. The salsa dip that came along was so delicious, we ordered another bowl for an additional price of P20.

Unlike other beer joints, the ambient music doesn't drown out the sometimes senseless conversation we had, making it an ideal place for a night of bonding with the boys.

Around 7am, after 24 bottles of beer, 3 orders of nachos and 2 extra salsa dips, our bill came down to P920, including the 12% tax. A nice price considering we drank enough booze for 6 people and were drunk out of our wits. While people were coming in for an early breakfast, we exited the premises tanked, rowdy and laughing histerically. Not a bad way to start the day.

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