Saturday, May 8, 2010

(J-Drama) Atashinchi no Danshi

I wrote a few months back about my anticipation for the then latest drama starring my fave Maki Horikita. Well, for me the wait was over after I finally watched it. 

As mentioned before, the drama revolves around Chisato, played by Maki,  who lost her mother at an early age and was rendered homeless as her father incurred a very large gambling debt and skipped town. She moves from park, to field, to a net cafe owned by her highschool friend dodging the men who her father owes money.

When the bad guys catch up with Chisato, she was rescued by an eccentric millionaire Shinzo Okura, paying off her father's debt. In return, she has to be her wife for the remaining few months of his life. Along the series, she reminices their time together, through flashbacks, where he teaches Chisato a lot of things about life and family. 

After Shizo's death, Chisato learns that along with other conditions she failed to read in their agreement, she has to perform motherly task to Shinzo's 6 adopted sons. This is to relieve Chisato from paying back the money Shinzo used to pay off her father's gambling debt.

The problem is, the children don't recognize her as their step-mother and shrug off any attempts to get them together and be a family. But slowly, she accomplishes feats that earns her their trust and affection.

Within the series, the 6 adopted sons also had to face their difficulties in relating with their siblings, getting a grip on the concept of 'family' and facing their own past.

The amusing theme in the series is, as the boys warm up to their step-mother, they get into circumstances that , may appear common place in families, becomes humorous since the boys are used to being with just guys, and because of the fairly young age of their step-mother.

As things go crazy at the least few episodes, there were a lot of plot twists and shocking revelations that made the series very intresting. In the end, the boys decided to return to their roots, face their past, go their seperate ways and move on. They left the house as Chisato was finally feeling that she now has a family of her own.

As Chisato gloomily sits by herself at the dining hall, the doors burst open with the noisy banter of her 'sons' returning with each having a different story that things didn't go as planned and they needed to return to the house. 

So continues the life of Chisato in the house of her new family and with another story, albeit romantic, on the sidelines.

As the series was a bit dragging in the middle, it was quite a watch in the early parts and the ending. Maki does a good job in her potrayal of the role with her unique quirps and expressions. Although it is a good series, I didn't watch it again afterwards, unlike her other series which I watched again and again.

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