Monday, July 6, 2009

Launch of at Fiama Bar

Along the dead stretch of Jupiter street, just past Paseo de Roxas, lies the upscale bar of Fiama (not to be confused with Fiamma of New York). This trendy nightspot is the venue for the official launch of the first Filipino webtv called Flippish last July 2. The name is derived from the 'flip' moniker usually heard in the US about anything Filipino.

The evening's program was opened with the performance by The Indios, one of the first band to be featured in LSS. Free booze sponsored by The Bar was flowing amidst the introduction of the people and hosts behind Flippish and features about their present and future programs.

me and my wife enjoying a tasty mix of The Bar Lemon and Lime Gin with Sprite

The people of Creative Minds, Inc. brought about this concept of a Filipino internet based TV channel to cater to the need to provide quality Filipino media content in the web.

At the forefront of this new form of media, has a wide range of cutting edge progams. From comedy ( fave program), reality shows (Social Experiment), lifestyle shows (Girl Next Door, Weekend Warriors) and a whole lot more. It also has its own music video program called LSS (Last Song Syndrome) where the bands of the Rubber Duckie family are featured (even my very own HedgeZero).

Rubber Duckie senior partners Dean and Jamil

This webtv channel comes at a time when Filipinos across the world still want to keep in touch with the current pulse of the people, without restrictions and boundaries.

I-Ray bassist Mastey and Free Fish drummer Tops horsing around

Me and Ryan's cousin, Edward. Ryan's here somewhere...

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