Monday, July 6, 2009

The Bar: Its like having a bartender in your drinking session

Its been a long time since my body approves of a certain alcoholic beverage. One such beverage is the flavored gin and vodka of 'The Bar'.

Now I'm not sure if this is the same 'The Bar' that came out during the 80's. If so, then they came back with a new, better look and a modern, more mature twist in their flavor.

I got to sample these drinks in the recent launch of at Fiama and I must say, I loved both flavors that they came up with. There is the Orange Vodka and the Lemon and Lime Gin. They both have an equal hint of flavor to the appropriate portion of alcohol, just enough to give the same flavor as the ones served in a local joint without overpowering the other. The fruit flavors don't stand out that much so don't expect a wine cooler kind of mix.

Despite its hip packaging, its has a very reasonable price of P68 per bottle in SM.

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