Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo Project 0727a: 'The Drummer Boy'

I got to try out a photo concept I was having at a recent gig of I-Ray at 6UG. The model is my brother, Jonathan, who is the drummer for I-Ray.

I always had a long standing, always frustrating, intrest in photography. Its an art of sharing your vision and thoughts through a simple image.

What I loved the most is motion photography, more specifically, concert photos. To show the intensity of the performers through visual imagery. 

Using the night landscape setting of my cheap but dependable Kodak C813 which hightens the ISO settings and reduces shutter speed, I took a motion snapshot. Then changed the setting to a faster shutter speed to capture a clearer picture. Then I superimposed the motion snapshot with the clear one, cleaned up the rest with Photoshop, and whallah!! concept realized...although its not the instensity I was after.

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