Monday, July 27, 2009

J-POP Singing Competition at Market!Market!

'Sakura Beat' rockin the event

The J-pop/Anime singing competition was recently concluded last Saturday, July 25, at the Market!Market! activity center in Taguig City. This activity was part of the Philippine-Japan friendship month, held every July. This celebration usually entails cultural exchange between the two countries in a series of contests, lectures, exhibits and more.

Being a J-pop enthusiast, I was excited since the day I found out about it. I formed a band to ener this contest but was discouraged after seeing the contest guidelines for a 4 to 5 member vocal group. Little did I know that they also accepted bands...zannen datta...

'Morning Star'

The program started amidst exhibits from sponsors and partners like HeroTV (the country's premiere Tagalog dubbed anime channel), Japan Foundation Manga Library (located in Pacific Star Building in Makati), TOEI Animation and more.

There were good bands and the not so good, but there were bands that raised the bar for the performers in that event.

I marveled at the J-pop attitude and lively energy of 'What Is', the vocal clarity and diversity of Zamboanga's 'Morning Star' (dude, di sila Zambo...Davao City sila, men -editor), and the rock band flair and glam-like intensity of 'Sakura Beat'. Not surprisingly, 'Sakura Beat' bagged the third place while 'What Is' took the top spot and won the competition.

Da Winnah!!!! 'What Is'

I was excited the whole event but it was also kind of disappointing. I was irritated with the less than astounding sound system. The set-up was not appropriate for a band competition and what came out was garbled vocals, almost inaudible ambient instruments and total dulling down of the intensity of the performers.

I hope next year they still do this competition and come up with a better sound system provider to make the event a total knock out.


gaijinph said...

i could send you the original 2MB pix pero I was soo far away di mo sila makikilala.

Shini said...

Hi! I'm from Morning Star.^^ I would just like to correct that we are from Davao City and not from Zamboanga.^^ also, thank you for favoring us!^o^ If all goes well, hope we could play again next time.^^

gaijinph said...

graaaah!!! an erratum is in order. sorry ha...hehehehe. hope to see you guys perform again...on a better sound system.

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