Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anime: Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is a fast paced action anime about the lives of the mixed race pirate crew that operates in the Southern Seas of Asia. Their adventures stretch from Thailand, to Malaysia, to Indonesia, to the ports of Basilan and Zamboanga. 

They consist of the cool and tough Black guy called Dutch, the IT and equipment specialist from California called Benny, the hot-headed, gun totting Chinese-American female assasin, Levy and the Japanese salayman, Rock (derived from his real name Okajima Rokuro), who was initially a hostage, before his supervisors decided to sacrifice him in order to protect some company secret. Aside from their delivery service company, they also do some shady business on the side which gets them in trouble with the law. 

They operate in the fictitious city of Roanapur, a city where evil prey upon the evil, a place for the villains among villains, and any goody two shoed person will immediately become a victim upon landing on its shores. The city is shared by the Russian Hotel Moscow, the Chinese Triads and other South American cartels doing business in the area. Although a fictional city, most of the writings are obviously Thai...or Cambodian.

Things start to change as Rock introduce and live out various codes of duty, honor, responsibility and trust. Things that earned the respect of the tough Dutch and Valalaika of Hotel Moscow.

There are a few things worth pointing out. At the first episode, why are they afraid of the Philippine Coast Guard, while they are using a Torpedo PT boat, complemented with anti-tank rifles. Theres also a story arc about a Japanese terrorist teaming up with Muslim extremists in Basilan. The character I liked the most is the Taiwanese female assasin called Shenhua. She's fierce and skilled with bladed weapons, but her Japanese and English never fails to amuse me. I find it very cute. There's also this adrogenous, love-hate tension between Rock and Levy that escalated at the 7th episode.

This anime is not recommended for the youngins as they display graphic violence and bloodshed, as well as dark, twisted humor about kiling. A prominent feature of the series is decifering the real right from wrong. Where being 'right' depend on the social status, upbringing and the harsh reality they were brought up with.

There are rumors in the vine that a third season is in the works. I do look forward in seeing the new adventures Rock and Levy would get themselves into this time.

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