Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tales from the Old Photo Bin: Big Sky Mind

Big Sky Mind is no stranger to the art and music scene. This quaint, unnoticable glass fronted building along E. Rodriguez has showcased a lot of local underground talent in almost all facets of art.

Big Sky was started by a group friends from UP Fine Arts as a place for their peers to hang out. It then blossomed to a venue to launch independent artists and the like. The bar is fronted by the fierce looking but friendly Hank.

That's Paulo and Me along with my wife...enjoying a round of brewskies and Vitamin C

I found a cd that contains broadcasts from channel 21 about a bar tour that we used to play in while in my former punk-ska band 'Green Leafy Veggie'.

Rockin the ground floor band area

Our loyal fans

Coincidentally, we also went here last July 25 after our gig in 6UG in Pasig. It seems a lot has changed the last time I was there, mostly because of the new set of mobile installations and artwork displayed. But the ambience stays the same...warm, cozy and friendly.

After gig party with I-ray, FreeFish, HedgeZero and company

I-Ray vocalist, Danniel, musing over various photos

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