Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tales From the Old Photo Bin: Once Upon a Time at 6UG

6 Underground has always been a comfortable place to play in. Not only is the place intimate and cozy, the service and management staff are very nice and accomodating to both the artists and the patrons.

Before, when 6 Underground was still in the basement of a building in Makati, we frequent that bar because we used to play a lot there... and also some of our friends who are in bands plays in that venue. When they had the recording studio before, we recorded our demos through live recordings.

Back then we were in the punk-ska band 'Green Leafy Veggie'. From there, Me and guitarist Paulo formed HedgeZero. Guitarist Richard co-formed an emo-punk band. And my brother, Jonathan, becomes the drummer for I-ray. We have no news of our vocalist Brex.

We still treasure those memories, time and energy spent in that cozy basement bar in Makati.

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Kim said...

hahaha ampapayat nyo pa don sa pics ah

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