Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anime: School Days

School Days is a short anime series based on the adult PC girl-game of the same title.

Itou Makoto is a quiet first year highschool student who is infatuated with a girl who he always ride the same train to school with. He is always looking at her from afar and keeps his feelings to himself. He has a stolen shot of her in his cellphone and set it as his wallpaper under the premise of a legend that if you keep it as your cellphone wall paper for a week and no one finds out, your unrequited love will come to fruition.

Katsura Kotonoha is a quiet girl who rides a train with a guy who she feels is always watching her. Over time, she starts to be fond of him but, because of her shyness, keeps watching from afar and refrains from approaching him.

Saionji Sekai is Makoto's seatmate and the person who happens to see his cellphone's wallpaper. With that, she does her best to make Katsura and Makoto get together.AFter a lot of pushing and support, she finally got the two to confess to each other.

Makoto was very grateful to Sekai for all the things she had done for them and tells her that he will pay her back someday. As Sekai's train comes she steals a kiss on the lips from the startled Makoto and runs. As it turns out, while helping him get together with Katsura, she develops feelings for MAkoto.

As time goes on, Makoto decides to take his relationship with Katsura to the next level. But the bashful Katsura always rejects his advances. Being clueless to the ways of women, Sekai offers herself as a training partner to make him a better lover for Katsura. Because of this, things also becomes serious between them, mostly having them ending up spending the night together in bed...almost everyday.

Things get worse for the three starting from the school festival as a lot of other girls started to show interest in Makoto. With his new found confidence in dealing with women, he starts having sex with all the girls that shows interest in him, lying to them that they are the only one for him. Slowly, he's turning into a player...a beast...preying on the emotional weakness of his targets.

All things that he has done finally catches up with him at the final 2 episodes, taking on a more darker tone.

Although the animation is well drawn, I can't seem to take interest in the story. It looks like a story of a whiny guy who cries about getting laid since he can't hold it in. He feigns sincerity to the girls to make them give themselves up to him. Only the last 3 episodes got me interested because you would want to see how things will turn out for the player Makoto.

I think this anime is made for the fans of the game or for those who actually played it. But for the ones who didn't get to play that particular game, it would seem like a dragging emo kid that wanna get laid story.

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