Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anime: TonaGura

Tonagura is a comedy anime about the the reunion of childhood friends Kazuki and Yuuji after being seperated for about 10 years. Kazuki was hoping for her 'first crush' to grow up to be a fine young man, but unfortunately, Yuuji grew up to be abnoxious and lecherous guy. And because she built up his reputation to her friend Chihaya and the others in his absence, she tries her best to hide Yuuji's negative, perverted side.

Although their encounters at home, at school and outside always end in fights and disaster, Kazuki and Yuuji display a sort of platonic relationship where everything is clear and vague at the same time. But they both display a soft demeanor to each other and at times jealousy.

Kazuki goes about telling Yuuji how negatively he's changed, to the confusion of Yuuji, his younger sister Marie and Kazuki's older sister Hatsune. As it turns out Yuuji was always like that from the start, and that he's the only one that goes along with Kazuki's pushy behavior. As Hatsune once said; people only remember the good things as they live life longing for that person.

The series rakes in points for animation and non-over the top voice actors, but the cliched storyline and outcome leaves it at a decent 5 out of 10. The instances within the story are a bit Ken Akamatsu-ish at best. A nice touch for the gun crazy, silent and shy little sister Marie though. And I can't get enough of Chihaya's 'Kansai-ben' (or is it Kyuushu-ben). I always find that dialect cute.

Still, this 13-episode series is good as a light viewing material.

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