Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hear ye, The News

On a slow Tuesday evening last Sept.15 at Cuerdas bar, an alternative band stood out from the drones of emo bands who played that night. With their playful rhythmic arrangements, powerful rock progressions and lyrics one can easily relate to, they made that night worth remembering.

They call themselves The News. They formed in 2004 with the aim to compete at Red Horse's 2005 Muziklaban. And with each one's desire to express themselves and project their personalities through music, they continued on until now, and with their album 'Musikero' in the mixing stages to boot.

At the core of the band is vocalist/ rhythm guitarist Ricky. He called upon his former classmate, Carl, to man the lead guitars and second vocals.The stoic Lennon, Ricky's former bandmate, was then asked to play the bass. Completing the line-up is the power drummer, Brian, who used to be Ricky's colleague.

What caught my attention that night were their first two songs which sounded like a Foo Fighters-Offspring hybrid, despite being influenced with the likes of The Beatles, The Police, Rivermaya and Oasis to name a few. The first song,'Paano Kaya', is a song Ricky made for his GF, pondering on the idea of what would happen if he's gone. Not to worry, they're still going strong and slated to be married (congrats, dude). The second song, which I really love, is entitled 'Lies'. This one tells of their discontent with liars, and telling them to change their ways as nothing good will come out of it.

When asked why they called themselves The News, they implied that their music is like the news; straightforward and a direct message to the audience.

They plan to release 'Musikero' (coincidentally was the title of the last song of their set) before the end of the year. For noew you can check them out at their myspace page or at their video on YouTube.

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