Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Registering you Laptop or Cellphone the Solution for Cyber Crimes?

Hinihikayat ng NBI na dapat i-register ang mga laptop para kontra cyber crime. Para ba talaga sa pangiwas cyber crime o dagdag annual registration fee? Sa Pilipinas ko lang yata narinig ang ganitong panukala, the same way that you can only find elevated U-turn slots in the Philippines.

You don't find them in other countries because its clearly not the solution.

they don't do this in the US or Japan. The NBI is eying the wrong solution to a problem which other countries already has a solution to...and it doesn't involve registering your laptop...or cellphone...or other storage media.

mangyayari nyan pati CD-R King lalakad na rin ng registration pag bumuli ka ng gadget sa kanila...just like buying a gun

Why not undergo a study first, instead of blaring to the Senate that there is a need to register all media and portable devices to the goverment.

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