Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muziklaban Night

Friday the 13th...dang...

I got off work around 2 pm to meet the 4pm call-time at 6 Underground in Pearl Drive, Pasig. Too damn hot and humid. Looks like its gonna rain. The strong 'alimoog' drove my stomach crazy so I seeked refuge inside 6UG. Its my first time to see the inside of 6UG in the afternoon light.

Since we were the first band, we were to do our sound check first. AJ was already cursing on the phone since he could get any taxi anywhere. He arrived, tired, after our soundcheck. And while tuning our guitars, some a-hole from the dorms up in Pearl Plaze threw an egg at us. Splattering its contents on the guitars, the cases, and us. This enraged me...prompting me to scream out "Kung gusto nyo ng gulo bumaba lang kayo!!!" (If you want some trouble just come on down).

Friday the 13th...dang...

Fast forward...we were the first band to play. We did an ok set. I was surprised at this year's elimination format. After the set, we had like, an American Idol session. Where we stand in front of the judges while they discuss with us what they thought of our performance. Fortunately they liked our original songs and our performance.

I didn't get to see the other bands as space was precious and the paying patrons were the priority. What toppped the day was the smashing performance of the guest band, Kjwan. They drove me tired and hoarse (yet again...as what always happens to me when I attend their gigs).

Marc  on the guitar (He was wearing the jacket our friend, Yok, won that night)

My warm shot of Kelly was ruined when someone flashed the same time I took this

A glimpse of Boogie

happened to see Kelly at Pearl Drive

After that, the results were in. We lost by 0.3% and ended up taking 2nd place.

Friday the 13th...dang...

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sexy_delicious28@yahoo.com said...

i was there when the competition happened!!! nakakasama ng loob kasi your band was very close from winning the elimination round coz' the score was like close to .3 point to the winning band';s score.if i voted for you guys back then maybe my vote would add up to your score so you guys have won!!!
burt for me guys your band are the winner...i'm HEDGEZERO's no.1 solid fan and supporter...wag na sana kayo magaway...ok?

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