Monday, May 18, 2009

Diamond in the Rough: Nerveline "Anesthesia"

While in Robinson's Boni, I saw a P20 CD bin in a CD sale. This gave me the opportunity to do the same review I did while in Japan; looking for rare finds in sale bins where you could get nice sounds for a price that is applicable for a cheap bastich like me.

First up is the Nerveline's 2005 album 'Anesthesia'. I heard this band in one of the discussions with our guitarist, since he's such a music adventurer. Seeing this in the same bin, I decided to give it a shot.

I never heard of this band before, so I concluded that this wasn't a commercial hit... then again, I never listened to local radio since the Emo band explosion.

It seems that they were a bit ahead of their time, as their sound is like a Ubandub and Kjwan joint project, with a bit of grunge and heavy alternative groove to it. 

The first track'Tear you up' is not much to listen to...too 'magulo', but the second track 'Missing' became my instant Nerveline fave. 'Dry' gives the most Nirvana-ish feel in the album. While 'Sunday Paint', 'Notice Granted' and 'I Told You So' shows a more modern alternative side of the band. 'Wreck' and 'Cradled Soul' are catchy, heavy riff laden songs that sounds like a subdued Tool-Sevendust combo. The title track 'Anesthesia'is a gloomy, creeping heavy rock song, though a bit operatic in the lyrics. The lone tagalog track 'Basang Labi' and 'The Nerve' gives a gloomy but heavy 90's pinoy alternative feel with a modern riff twist to it.

Although the riffs seems the same, because of their approach in arrangement and harmony, it still is a good buy for 90's alternative enthusiasts.


gaijinph said...

It seems my bandmates knows this gian fellow (the guitarist and vocalist) and I'm the only one who don't know. Thats what happens when keep yourself out of the loop.

Anonymous said...

yeah kilala namin sya, lasing ka yata nun eh haha!


Anonymous said...

I used to jam with ace the drummer. Tangali boyz

Anonymous said...

great band, just hibernating though... super solid bad ass musicians, watch these guys played in a bar in makati, they sound super tight and solid considering they're just a power trio. yung ibang band na kasama nila with the same genre more than 5 members pero somehow mas tight ang tunog nila. they're so solid they jam (improvise) with their own originals.

Artista Kami said...

Magkabanda kami ni Gian noon nung A3 pa kami (Aggressive Angel Attack) Hardcore pa tugtugannamin non inspired by Sevendust, Tool, APC, Deftones. Nung nagkawatak watak ang A3 ayun binuo na yung Nerveline, so Gian from A3, Ace from 6 digits and Bhudjie from Ntone.

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