Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mark's Self Defense Training

In our recent visit to my father's home in the province, my son and I saw that my brother had bought and installed a punching bag at our open lot. Excited with the prospect of training in hand to hand combat, my son started doling it out with the punching bag.

My wife and I saw this and we found a few things wrong with his methods. First off, his fist and arm are not lined up correctly as he executes the basic jab. I told him this could lead to wrist damage so he should do this correctly.

After correcting his jabs, my wife, who used to compete in karate tournaments, taught him the basic front and side kick.

Mark was always interested with martial arts training, since some of his favorite films include Hitman, Wanted, xXx and SWAT.


Mylene Sibal said...

Pag may umaaway kay Iris pagtanggol mo Mark ha! =)

gaijinph said...

pucha...kung may umaway kay Iris di lang si Mark ang makikibaka...

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