Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Clean a Newly Extracted Tooth

Last Sunday, I had a minor procedure done to remove my broken wisdom tooth and the infected molar which was penetrated. Last time I had such a procedure done was almost 20 years ago.

As I collected the extracted molar, the dentist quipped 'Do you want to keep them as souvenirs?', to which I replied 'yes'. She then gave me the procedures on how to clean them to enable storage.

First of all, cook off the flesh by giving it a h
ydrogen peroxide bath. The flesh and blood that remains attached to the tooth shall then weaken like boiled meat on an animal's bone. Once in a while I would rise them from the chemical bath then scrape the flesh off. For those who don't know, our teeth still has a few flesh in them, so you might need to make the peroxide bath in stages of flesh removal.

After that, bath it in clorox... maybe to whiten and further clean the tooth.

I love the feel of clean, pulled teeth and play them around like a pair of dice.

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Angeles City Pages said...

yuck but thanks for the tips.

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