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Lessons from our History Seems Left Unlearnt

If there are a few things I learned from watching TV during the lenten season, is that human kind is selfish by nature. It is the leading factor from which all major decisions which affect the flow of history is derived from. From various investigations through history, both local and abroad, is that the famous acts from the past are laden with glorified accounts of themselves, hiding the ominous deeds that has been done leading up to the famous event.

One case in point, the first Republic declared by the Filipino revolutionaries. The formation of the Philippines' first Republic is laced with backstories of deceit, trechery and murder just to keep themselves and their cronies in power. The people in position back then sorround themselves with loyal dogs and yes-men, and eliminate those who lead and exemplify noble ideals which are gaining popularity. Since those rising new ideals and exemptional personalities pose a threat to their hold on power, they are ordered to be executed, murdered or branded as traitors to the new Republic. This is not far from the ideals and tactics maneuvered by Senator Palpatine of the StarWars franchise to further his power and grip on the goverment, leading up to the formation of the Galactic Empire. Its also no wonder that the Philippine goverment is like this since it started its roots in this manner.

Maybe you are wondering, 'I don't remember reading about this in the history books'. According to the research and interviews done by GMA-7's 'Unsolved Cases' with various historians, these are the foundations on which the First Republic was built on.

Its no secret that the revolutionaries of the Katipunan, the group who stood in arms against the Spanish rule, was divided into two factions. The Magdalo faction which was represented by the leader who rose up from the masses and formed the Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio, and the Magdiwang faction lead by the military juggernaut and tactician Emilio Aguinaldo. During the later years, after Bonifacio inducted Aguinaldo into the Katipunan, the former's campaign was less successful than that of the latter. The competition between the two for troops, supplies, arms and support lead to a rivalry that almost ended in a bloody duel one fateful meeting. As the strength and campaign of the Spanish became more stronger and more brutal, the two decided to meet with the leaders of the Katipunan to talk things out to combine all their effort for the revolution under one commander, called the 'Supremo'. As Emilio thought that he cannot get rid of Bonifacio from the Katipunan, also due to the fact that he help create the organization, Aguinaldo then changed the agenda of the meeting to the formation of a revolutionary goverment, elect the officials, and disband the Katipunan. A move that let Bonifacio have no say in since he is in an engagement with the Spanish army somewhere else. Distraught by the events that unfolded without his knowledge, Bonifacio established his own revolutionary goverment. Instead of conducting talks to unite two magnificent groups into one banner under the new Republic, Aguinaldo branded him a traitor and ordered his capture and execution.

Aguinaldo also did the same for the rising idealist Gen. Antonio Luna during the Philippine-American war. He was a pharmacist turned general and tactician who led many victories for the revolutionary goverment. As Luna was gaining popularity, their ideals clash because Luna's ideals are deeply rooted for his love of the country and the people, same as Bonifacio's. Aguinaldo then fell into a swirl of paranoia as he began thinking that Luna, with his energy, ideals and vibrance, would come to replace him as the head of the Philippine Republic. This was furthered by Aguinaldo's cronies who just fueled his paranoia. So instead of choosing to side with people with the right ideals, he choose to sorround himself with loyalists who says yes to everything he said. So Aguinaldo sent a telegraph to Luna, under the impression that there will be a conference of all the field generals, luring him to a pit of soldiers who hate him, and was assasinated. Some historians believe that this was the first ever State sponsored assasination. From then on began the downfall of Emilio Aguinaldo and the First Republic which he dragged along with him.

Stories like these not only our history and honor look pitiful, but also gives the background story on why our goverment and politicians functions in the way they do now.

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