Friday, March 20, 2009

...And History Repeats Itself...

Once again, our country is trampled upon...

It seems 'Nicole', the girl in the Subic rape case, is retracting her accusation of Lance Corporal Smith. Suspicions from members of the public and the goverment flare as this statement came from the corporal's laywer...not Nicole's. And it came after the much publicized, but hushed, travel of Nicole to the U.S. This came at a very convinient time for the U.S. as the bill which will nullify the Visiting Forces Agreement is in the works at Congress.

As puts it, ' If Nicole is retracting her sworn statement, why is she going to the homeland of the one she aggravated?' The plot thickens...

There are also talks of Nicole's family recieving P100,000 as reparation for 'damages'.

Just as 'Nicole' became the unifying symbol against the VFA, and gave courage to other rape victims to step forward and go after their aggressors... what do we think of the situation now?

Once again, the U.S. imposed their weight around and trampled the justice system of a weaker, dependent nation. Its just the same because our goverment still aims to please the U.S. whatever happens...even at the cost of her constituents.

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