Friday, March 20, 2009

"For I am...Murmur..."

A funny thing...

The avatar I'm using now is the seal of the demon Murmur.

He is the Duke and Earl of hell who teaches philosophy and music. Of all the demons I studied, I took intrest in him because, while the other bunch specializes in temptation and sin, Murmur teaches. And loves music. Hmmm...kinda like...



Anyweizs...the funny thing I'm referring to is, after using the seal of Murmur as my avatar, the list in my Google ads changed. It started showing ads on demonology, the occult..and today I saw ads about the Holy Spirit and other prophetic ministries.

I don't consider myself as a religious person...but I am a spiritual and philosophical guy. So don't be fooled about the ads on ministries and stuff.

Now...must look for that puppy.....

here puppy puppy puppy... :-)

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