Monday, March 9, 2009

Anime: Kanokon

My arms still tired from killing all that fish (If you can understand Japanese, read the 'Ore wa hitogoroshi da!!' post), I couldn't go to work the next day, I ended up watching the latest series sent by my officemate.

This time is the love-comedy anime 'Kanokon'. Its about the everyday life and relationship of the fox spirit Chizuru and the mortal Kouta. They are both students of a middle school where humans and spirits interact normally as classmates under the strict rule that the spirits don't expose themselves to what they're really are to the humans. 

The story becomes more complicated with the arrival of the stoic, clueless wolf spirit Nozomu who also fell in love with Kouta.

There are a lot of spirits that doesn't approve of their relationship and regarded it as pointless. But because of the power that comes out of their special bond, the other spirits were proven otherwise.

But don't be fooled by the series' appearance. Although the characters are cutely drawn, there a lot of lewd and topless scenes, mostly derived from Chizuru's lust and wanting for Kouta's body. One of the teachers who is also a spirit, regard this as her being in 'mating season' mode all the time. In one episode, Chizuru says she likes Kouta because for humans, its mating season all year long.

There are a lot of strange but funny things also. A spirit guardian who loves instant noodles, a bear spirit who's into internet and stocks, a weasel spirit in love with a frog spirit. And when the school was attacked by a snow spirit, all frog, bear and turtle spirits began to hibernate.

This is a funny and intresting series so I recommend this to the same people who enjoyed Kannagi. I don't recommend it for the youngins though...

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