Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ipanima sale and other short stories

After the big rush of work 2 days ago, suddenly we had no work to do. So I decided leave early and accompany my friend, Ryan, to this flip-flop sale beside the Lyceum building here in Makati. We went to the Peak tower Building near the corner of L.P.Leviste and V.A. Rufino. At the 17th floor we saw racks and racks of Ipanema flip-flops selling with at least 50% off. I really don't know that brand (that's coz I'm a 'Spartan Tsinelas' kinda guy) but I saw in the net that there are a lot of people looking for this brand of sandals before. So you guys, here's your big chance because everything must go starting at half the original price. But hurry, the sale is until April 30 only.

After that, we decided to buy some DVD's in Makati Cinema Square. From Ayala we walked to MCS in the hot and humid late afternoon sun.

We went directly to the stalls selling Japanese dramas and anime stuff. Suprisingly, there were these 2 Japanese guys who came to the stall where we were and started buying J-dramas and anime dvds.


They were astonished with the assortment and titles available and started buying. After leaving, they went directly to the other stall selling anime figurines and goods.

I remember going to Akihabara and telling myself anime and figurines should be cheaper there since its the source of the industry. To my surprise, an anime dvd with 4 episodes sells for 6,000 yen. So their behavior seems justified.

Is the Philippines going to be the next destination for cheaper anime goods?

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