Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At Club Dredd with Moonstar88

Last night was our gig with the pop alternative band Moonstar88 at Club Dredd. They are one of the few female fronted alternative bands that made it into the pop music scene that made it this far.

Frankly speaking, I'm really not that much of a fan of Moonstarr88, but I do like some of their songs. I only found out last night that they changed their vocalist from the one I remembered during the 'Torete' days. That's how clueless I was about them.

Included in the bands slated to perform were various emo and pop alternative bands (sorry, I'm bad at remembering names) but what caught our group's attention is this 4-piece all-girl band (I did say I was bad in remembering names). Their music, as our guitarist pointed out, is reminiscent of those Japanese all-girl pop punk bands. Although they are very young (not sure...the bassist looks at least 12 or 13 to me) they still know how to rouse a crowd with their music.

Then came Moonstar88. I didn't know their songs but their vocalist Maychelle does carry a tune with a sense of serene harmony. Songs were livened up with Pao and Bon's 'techno-rave' inspired beats and grooves with an alternative rock twist. I was also amazed on Herbert's guitar licks and his use of the delay pedal. Their combination reminded me of U2 in the early days. I especially liked their rendition of Yano's "Senti", its like they gave the song new life.

After their set, I found myself liking them even more.

Our set came and went as usual, with few of my mic antics, to the dismay of the other band. For that I apologize, I didn't intend to attack you guys, I just plan to attack ourselves all in the spirit of humor.

Well, all in all it was a very eventful day for me. From the morning at work till the time I went to sleep at 4am.

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URY said...

you guys were great last night =D You can check the pics from my cam here: http://kimbabot.multiply.com/photos/album/150/Hedge_Zero_Club_dredd_again#

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