Monday, March 16, 2009

The Return of Pinoy Alternative

We were slated to perform last night at Club Dredd in Eastwood City, Libis not knowing who are we performing with. To our delightful surprise, we are to perform along with 'The Youth'.

For those born beyond that time, 'The Youth' was one of the pioneers of the Pinoy Alternative genre. They are known for their raw punk riffs with gritty lyrics. A welcomed mix for the angst ridden minority of the X-generation.

Unfortunately, the ominous and multi-talented Dodong Cruz, I heard, was no longer in the line-up due to health reasons. The new vocalist has large shoes to fill.

Along with new songs, they played other favorites like 'Mukhang Pera', 'Hoy Gising', 'Supernova Scum' and the all-time hit 'Multong Bakla'.

I don't know if its because of the memory of 'The Youth' in my heart and my mind, but I think the new vocalist doesn't match up to Dodong Cruz's stage persona, which was a bit disappointing. But the bassist did come to par with what I remember of them.

Dredd's manager did say they're coming back into the music scene so I asked their bassist . He said they have some new materials but we'll have to wait and see.

(me and the members of 'The Youth')

I think their return will be a welcomed one, in a scene saturated by emo bands and power pop chick magnets. It shall be a rude awakening to today's generation of what pinoy rock is supposed to be.

(my doodles on the walls of Dredd)

On another note, it was also a night of doodley fun for me and by bud, Ryan. Loaded on beer and ecstasy (Tic-Tacs) we began drawing on the walls of Club Dredd.

(ang and Tic-Tacs)

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