Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Red Dawn is Approaching...Wake up AFP!!!!

China recently took steps to ' “accelerate its transformation and modernization in a sturdy way, and make extended preparations for military combat in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security”. They are now gearing up towards war... with the whole South East Asian nations.

The questionable purchase and retrofit of a former Soviet aircraft carrier by China generates concern with many countries. At a time where the region is divided on a particular island groups off the coast of Palawan.

Its common sense that national security involves defending its territories, established or disputed alike. This is proclaimed amidsts rising tension within the the Southeast Asian communities about the Spratly Islands, an area claimed to be rich in gas and oil. While neighboring countries stake claims to various islands near their territorial waters, China claims the whole island group as her own (if that's the case, the whole island of Luzon should also be inside China's territory, since their 'territory' reaches that far).

Its known that as other countries raced to fill their claims and populate them, China wasted no time in setting up military bases and increased naval presence (sometimes at the expense of the fishermen of Palawan...which is so much closer to the group of islands than China).

If China attacks, we cannot depend on the UN because China, as a member of the security council, has the power to veto any resolution the group of nation passes. So if the UN makes a resolution making China's attack on Philippine sovereignty illegal, China will just veto it, and the UN will do nothing.

So there's no one the Filipinos can depend to but themselves.

And here lies the problem. With almost the entire defense budget spent on the AFP, the Navy and Airforce are left with nothing but scraps to divide among themselves. Even though a lot of political analysts had expressed the need to further develop out naval and air power (also due to the fact that with a nation of islands, we need a larger navy and air force to defend our boarders), a bulk of that money, from taxes, are somewhat used to purchase weapons that 'happens' to appear in the rebel's hands...or to buy properties in the US (where generals and politicians can easily claim asylum and live in the lap of luxury. Yeah, you better claim asylum bitches, cause both Chinese and Filipinos will tear your heads off!!!). What will be left behind are the valiant soldiers that the generals and politicians use as cannon fodders and scapegoats.

I think this move by China is sparked by the growing cooperation and joint treaties with neighboring South East Asian countries for exploration and mining the resources of the Spratlys. And since China claims the island group 'all or nothing', expect a number of undocumented encounters between the countries within the South China Sea.

So beware, beware...the approaching Red Dawn.

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