Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review (Net Movie): Batman Dead End

While looking at colonial marines at wikipedia, it led to looking at aliens, then to Batman versus Aliens, then this little link sparked my curiosity. A fan film made by Sara Collora, where Batman is pitted against both the aliens and the predator.

After downloading the film (its only 8 mins long), I was first amused with the costume. A tight-fit bluish gray shirt with a bat logo. Then the black leather gloves and boots which were quite decent. But when the costume is set against its dark alleyway backdrop, they seem to intertrwine greatly. The actors were good in potraying their roles. As Batman was potrayed as n angst ridden vigilante and Joker as a looney psychopath.

The story starts with Batman going after Joker after he escaped from Arkham, in the alley where they exchange fists and comments, the Joker is pulled up in a classic 'gotcha!!' fashion by the predator who was hanging upside-down. What followed was a struggle with an alien wherein the predator kills it. Then a fight between Batman and the Predator ensues. As Batman was about to deliver the death blow, the Predator laughs and 3 more predators appear, while Batman faces them in anticipation for more fighting, aliens appear from the shadows behind him. Then the screen fades. The End.

What I liked about this short-film was the way Batman was potrayed, an ominous figure of the dark. I especially liked the scene where he jumps from the building and lands on the alleyway. Then a aerial view shows the cape fully folded out with Batman in the center, then as he stands up, the cape follow him up. Like a shadowed figure rising from the darkness where it came from.

You can download the movie at http://www.collorastudios.com/projects/bde/bdemain.htm

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