Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Evil Empire

Certain events and articles led me to some thinking. Why would some first-world nations step in and meddle in the domestic affairs of third-world nations. If you step back and see the big picture, they are only protecting their consumerist lifestyle as these so-called 'worthless' third-world nations affect them in a way.

Why you ask? As a logic expressed by Masamune Shirow, first world nations depend on the muscle of the third-world nation to support their need to consume more. Since the salary is lesser, the companies tend to make more money since they will then charge 500% for the product made in the 'slave nation'. Also, resources are cheaper. So the 'master nation' consume the 'slave nation' in every aspect. And as Masamune Shirow's logic says, "...when the slave nation rebels, the master nation starves then dies..."

With this logic, they do everything to protect their lifestyle. This includes preventing the slave nation to better themselves and increase their status as a nation. They may step in sometimes to provide 'humanitary assistance', but that assistance is rooted or connected with an aspect of the master nation's needs. Like better roads to industrial sections that feeds their need to consume, military assistance to prevent the overthrow of a so-called democratic goverment which they installed. And if it's truly made as a social project, it is turned into a loan package which the slave nation has to pay.

This may appear as a symbiotic exchange, but in reality, the slave nation becomes dependent on the master nation and their need to develop and improve themselves burn out.

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