Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Warmonger

Current events state nothing but conflicts, may it be on a regional scale or a global one. Goverments with no regard for human life and factions who act childish and quick to enforce on the premise of war. Whats frightening is that a new study of the recently undisclosed works by Nostradamus states that the coming decade would be the stage of the third great global conflict (see 'The Nostradamus Code: Third World War").

If you divulge into the matter, religion and ethinicity was the basis of previous conflicts. The common idea of "since you don't believe or belong in what I belive or belong to, your kind must die" was that era's creed. But in this age of social maturity, why does this credo still stand?

As goverments and factions are born from a need to cater to its people, these bodies are still composed of human beings. Beings who are affected by inert values such as pride, greed and selfishness, all of which are primal in nature. And with our era, born from previous eras of philosophy, enrichment and self-development, our kind is slowly revereting back to its primal form. Since the strict, rigid dogmas are challenged by taboos which are recently being accepted in the name of freedom and individuality, we are gradually being reduced to slaves of our own primal desires. As sons and daughters from previous generations of challenging dogmas become adults and infiltrate the powers that be, their views, values and peeves are forced to the masses. Their own selfishness and greed are turned into law and official stands. With the help of law bending psychopaths that twist the truth, their interpretation and self-intrest laden concoction of mental poison is force fed to the people to further their own goals.

The thirst for power is also furthered by a certain master-minion mentality present in all goverments. The 'master', who has the mental capacity for devicing plots and convincing ploys, looks for the 'minion' to do his work. The 'minion' I refer to are not loyal followers who believe in causes or anything. They are the mental-institution rejects who find the orders of the master as something to satisfy their urges. They are the gun-toting yahoos who view that God put people in this planet to serve as moving targets in their shooting range called Earth.

The leaders of these warmonger nations are so funny, acting all tough and bullish. They are nothing more than actors playing a role of a soldier, or playing dress up to rally up their brood or nation into conflict. If they are really that tough, make them face the enemy at the frontline, along with the poor soldiers who they send to their early deaths to. Then we'll see.

The lessons learned from the wars of the past are always being forgotten. The 'why's and 'how's of previous global conflict can give the answer to todays conflict. But as always, human primal nature succeeds. Gone are the days of war based on honor and rights. Now its just plainright greed.

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