Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...and the "Writings on the Wall" was heard...


Last April 3, 2009, HedgeZero held its EP launch at 6 Underground in Pearl Drive, Pasig City. As me and my bandmates were anxious and excited, it turned out to be a night of music and comraderie as our fellow musicians, relatives and friends gave their support in this event. At the reigns of everything are Dean, Jamil and Jan of Rubber Duckie Music. We are truely thankful for their effort, going as far as making scripts and pushing for our NU107 and UR105.9 radio plugs. The event was hosted by one of Rubber Duckie's partner and I-ray guitarist Jamil.

The event's title was "Writings on the Wall (...and other short stories)". It is an idiomatic expression for a feeling of impending doom. As some would notice, our songs are moody and emotional. We used that expression as the tite of the EP launch because the songs in the EP were written in a time of despair and hopelessness. A sense of forboding misfortune and doom. The "...and other short stories..." part are the other songs written after that period and implies a different mood than the first.

We was glad that the crowd also enjoyed the music of the bands that played in the event. Some said that since all bands were with such talent, diversity and energy, it was like watching a rock showcase. 'Not a dull moment' as told by one of my friends. The participating bands that performed were a part of HedgeZero in the different stages of its development.

The classic rock inspired Inner Volume (formerly known as Spoon) supported us during our sudden plunge into the bar circuit. We would sometimes play together in bar productions or events, specially under the 'Red Horse' banner.

The old-school grunge band Nevermind was one of our comrades from our 'Kami Naman' days. They made a big impression on us with their stage performance and songs as their originals are reminiscent of the 90's grunge scene.

Our brothers from Free Fish livened up the event with their brand of alterna-rock songs along with Kish's stage antics. They too launched their EP at Club Dredd the following day. (Sorry Kish, sorry Gredie. I wasn't able to attend...something came up e)

Last but definitely not the least is, our brother band, I-Ray. They rocked the house down with their groove laden songs and their powerful stage performance. Along with Free Fish, they make up the family that we  call Rubber Duckie Music.

Finally, the stage was set for our performance. We started things off with our fairly new song 'Crash and Burn', followed by our EP set which comprises of 'Release Me',  'Ode', and 'Distant Voices'.  As breather, we covered 'I Alone' by the band Live. Then came the new songs like 'Last' and the very new 'Far Beyond' (it was so new, AJ had to whip out the lyrics sheet...cheater...). As always, we closed the set with 'Suicide Solution'.

By this time the crowd was already going crazy and called for an encore. We just had fun and covered Weezer's 'Say It Ain't So' as I-Ray's guitarist, Mac, always request this one since we performed it in Magnet Katipunan. To top things off, we closed with 'Don't Cry' By Guns and Roses.

The night had been intensely fun and memorable for us. And I hope it was also for our guests and friends that attended the event.


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